Nick Lauzon

President of Flyboard DNL
The business is about renting and selling a nautic sport : the "Flyboard". The business was founded in may 2013 and the first version of the product appeared late 2011 in Europe


What is it?

In Quebec, "Flyboard" is a board with boots connected to a fireman hose connected to the Sea-Doo turbine making it unable to move by itself. It is a pleasure to me to introduce you to this wonderfull sport and one of the best inventions of 2000. Not categorized as an extreme sport, it produces many strong emotions but with the security of a conventional sport. Falling in water instead of on the ground gives much self-assurance to the people that never dared to risk their live for some adrenaline. Flyboard is a very secure sport and Flyboard DNL is focused on security. It's the easiest sport to learn after running and soccer. The instructours raise people to an height of 1 to 2 feet to begin and then the client is asking the instructor as they feel ready to go higher. Each and every person is going at his rythm.

This sport is for man and woman from 12 to 70 years old, they can weight up to 350 pounds or 158 kilograms. All the people are raising in the air in the first 5 minutes.

  • Safe

    As dangerous as soccer, it is practised over water and it is not categorized as an extreme sport.

  • A Sport for Everyone

    This sport is for man and woman from 12 to 70 years old, they can weight up to 350 pounds or 158 kilograms.

  • Instructor

    The instructor is giving a trining and guide people to help them raise in the air.

  • Progress

    The instructor raise people progressevely to their rythm and to help them get their goal.


Security is our first priority. This is why there will always be an instructor on the Sea-Doo that accompany our clients. Before starting, a training is necessary and required for each activity. The equipment is fairly simple and required, a floating vest and a protecting helmet.

The Flyboard is connected to the Sea-Doo turbine though a 55 feet (16.76 meters) long fireman hose passing in front of the Sea-Doo with a special clip. Connecting it this way makes the Flyboard pulling the Sea-Doo by the tail of the flyboard. The propulsion of the board is coming from the power of the Sea-Doo controlled by the accelerator of itself. The instructor who is driving the Sea-Doo controls the propulsion according to the client experience. Thus the client decides the direction he will go and the Sea-Doo will follow securly. The product has been intruced in 2013 in Canada and we are having the exclusivity though Manitoba.

I hope to see you soon to take an agreement with you for an extraordinary adventure.

Trying is adopting.

Nick Lauzon

100% Safe
55 feet (16.76 meters)
Length of the hose between the Flyboard and the Sea-Doo.
Import date in Canada
Number of required Sea-Doo
Required Instructor
0 km/h
Sea-Doo Speed
Number of Injuries